Different sizes for Allah's NEW Mosque.
Allah's NEW Mosque can be built in many different sizes! It can be built for one person, for a family, for a small town, for a large city, for a nation! In the above photo, five Muslims are inside Allah's NEW Mosque. Two Muslims are writing on the West Wall (the Wall of Honor). They are listening to Allah's Voice from the sky. One Muslim is holding up a family size Mosque. She is listening to Allah's Voice from the sky -- and, she is praying to Allah in the same language!

Muslim children will hold Allah's NEW Mosque in their hands. They will hear Allah speak to them in a language everyone understands! Children will slide out the long wall and will write on it to Honor Allah! They will place the wall back into Allah's NEW Mosque. The children will smile because they hear Allah speaking to them about what they wrote on the Wall of Honor!

Sunlight and moonlight are moving the images on the wall. It is like watching the stars move across the night sky! "Allah is the Light... a likeness of His Light... Light upon Light." Allah moves the images on the wall -- like Allah moves the stars in the night sky!
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ALLAH and His angels are Joyfully waiting
to give Allah's Gifts, Bounties, and Blessings
to those who discover Allah's Signs and Symbols in the heavens and on earth!
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