The Golden Age of Islam is a place where dreams come true!
Think and Dream... What is it like to LIVE in the Golden Age of Islam?
The Divine Hands are visible on the inside wall. It is a STAR of LIGHT. Sometimes, a visible column of light will be connected to the Divine Hands. The Divine Hands of Allah will guide mankind to the Golden Age of Islam!
Allah's NEW Mosque has Divine Symbols for EVERYTHING you see in this picture!
Allah's NEW Mosque has Divine Symbols for Life, the Earth, the Universe,
and for the Divine Hands of Allah.
Images of the Universe are on the outside walls of Allah's NEW Mosque. They are symbols for Allah's Universe!
The long inside wall is a symbol of LIFE. Muslims are writing on the "Wall of Honor"about the problems they have solved for Allah. People are looking at the wall, reading the words, and discovering what Muslims are doing with their lives to HONOR Allah.
The floor of the Mosque is a symbol for the earth. Muslims are walking on the floor of the Mosque. It is a symbol for Muslims walking on the earth.
Coming Soon...
More instructions from the Holy Quran.